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Chapel In The Pines


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Augur 08:24
AUGUR A seconded shift of screen and glass over wood and a window sliding up between what's not and what's very much good   and the eyes have it since what's seen is not only what's been but much more than that as it speaks volumes about sin and about the sin we're in   The body of this law is what we're in Where the Nazarene shows us time and time again That belief is the better part of why we're apart   So come out when I call Come out for us all The dead. The red. And the violently spent.   And down here? Our knees are bent. Our knees are bent As we tamp down the dirt And settle into what's not hurt   The sanction of the unsanctionable Invisible and unfathomable And still we must die And die all the time   While we wave our hands to feel better And dark never really comes to describe the weather Though that's exactly what it is Where we are
FURTHER FATHER Bless me Father Because I have Bless me Because have I Blessed me before I need to be blessed again   Against the divinity and the trinity and the klatch of crazy   Heads bowed against the clack of the wheels on steel And all of the trains going the same place And everybody filling that same space   Against the benediction, the malediction and the misdirection   Bless these tears because there will be tears Bless the fear and so far Bless me further and farther, father   Monster monster monsters
REMEMBER ME, YOU THREE The winter remembered while the candle recalls What was left of the doxology Was damned near nothing at all   Could you help an old altar boy, Father, who is down on his luck? We say to no one in particular, we say to no one who gives a fuck
Snake 05:06
SNAKE Snake, shake rattlesnake A survival revival All about Well, all about the attitude of gratitude And he is as small as me And I am as large as him   Him him Turn-collared Jim Thick book in his hand And eyes that say Goddamn   This is the story of man Or at least the children of Ham   And his story is about fire The story is about snakes and fire And he holds the one up and he holds the one higher   And he is as small as me And I am as large as him Him him Turn-collared Jim    
The Restored 15:28
THE RESTORED [spoken with sung interludes] The divinity of Jesus, the Christ, causes crisis from both symbolic and shambolic sides of a very old coin. But if you forget time, as though that was something that can be done from within time, and consider where in this age of science and reason you stand on anyone even making the mildest claim of heavenly parentage and you have a front row seat on that which justifiably might be felt to be hard to swallow.   So hard that even the subject at hand wouldn't bite. "Who is it that they say I am?" is a non-answer to that oft-asked question. And the idea that we're all bonded and bound by similar origin is unlikely to soothe any singularly right-minded people. Then there's all of the post-facto "Where's Waldo?" hoohah.   Which is to say: there are lots of bodies that ain't been found yet.   And there are lots of bodies. And there are lots of people who still see Elvis and like Descartes said our eyes were meant to deceive us. Not saying we are deceived but why origin stories that read like poker how-to manuals. Occam's razor and its dictates and nature push for simple solutions first.   So simply: we don't know. Nor do we know what we don't know. Nor do we know how much of what we don't know we do know.   The inconclusiveness of this conclusion rankles like bad movies rankle. But this is not a movie and wishing it was won't make it so.   Padre Pio? Padre Pio! Bleeding stigmata! Turin! Fatima! Wine! Loaves! Nothing when leavened against planets and endless, endless space. Space without known measure. So let us prey. Let us pray. The endless is nigh. And the tide is high. And there is no we, and that we is very much alone. God help us. God help us.



// 100 copies available via Jelodanti Records with handmade covers /

With 3 different types of colored vinyles : black, blue or blue with black splatter !!!

Vocals recorded by Monte Vallier at Ruminator Audio in SF
Lyrics by Eugene Robinson
Music by Philippe Petit
Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Philippe Petit
Five collaborative tracks. Recorded in 2017.


Coproduction with BLACKHOUSE RECORDS
// 300 copies available via Blackhouse Records //


released March 15, 2019

01. Augur
Eugene Robinson: Vocals
Percy Howard: Vocals
John 3:16: Guitar
Philippe Petit: Synths + Bass-Organ + Electronics + Caterpillar Drum Guitars

02. Further Father
Eugene Robinson: Vocals
Percy Howard: Vocals
Chris Haskett : Guitar
Philippe Petit: Piano + Percs + Synths + Caterpillar Drum Guitars + Electroacousticisms

03. Remember Me, You Three
Eugene Robinson: Vocals
Percy Howard: Vocals
Philippe Petit: Caterpillar Drum Guitars + Electronix

04. Snake
Eugene Robinson: Vocals
Percy Howard: Vocals
Philippe Petit: Caterpillar Drum Guitars + Electronix

05. The Restored
Eugene Robinson: Vocals
Percy Howard: Vocals
Philippe Petit: Percs + Metallic Objects +Synths + Organ + Piano + Electroacousticisms


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